Time Line...  


Phorum Jewels Limited traces back its origin to the year 2001. It was in this year when Phorum Jewels Ltd. was incorporated as a Proprietorship in the name of "Phorum Jewels".

2010 Purchased a ground floor property for our 2nd showroom in Sukh Sagar building itself.
2009 Purchased an additional office in Sukh Sagar building on the 1st floor for administrative Purposes.
2008 In this year Phorum Jewels Private Limited is converted to Public Limited.
2007 Started Subsidary in Dubai - Phorum Jewels D.M.C.C.
2005 Started Showroom in Sukh Sagar building on the 1st floor. Phorum Jewels Showroom.
2004 Took up a prestigious project to remake a Religious stone for tIhe Najaf city masjid, Iraq for the Dawoodi Bohra Community. It required intricate embedding in real gold and ruby stones.
2003 Purchased a 2nd office in Navratna building.
2002 Converted to Private Limited.
2001 Started office from home. Birth of Phorum Jewels. Purchased the 1st office in Navratna building, Mumbai. Started with business status as a proprietory concern.