Jewellery Care...  


In order to preserve the jewellery for a longer period and save on unnecessary expense to repair it, one must take care of the jewellery keeping in mind the following tips:
  1. Remove bulky and delicate jewellery like necklaces, rings, bracelets and so on before sleeping, bathing, swimming and other such activities.

  2. Wash jewellery only in lukewarm mild soap water and preferably water containing extracts of "Ritha" (A natural soapy seed).

  3. Do not apply perfume directly on your jewellery.

  4. After removing jewellery wipe it gently with soft cloth to remove residues of the perspiration and so on.

  5. Keep your jewellery wrapped in a soft cloth or cotton in a hard box when not in use to avoid breaking or damage.

  6. If necessary get your jewellery cleaned and polished only from whom you have purchased it and never from unknown person, even if done free of cost. It may damage your jewellery or reduce the gold from it.

  7. Please do not pile up or club jewellery in a container or even in soft cloth or cotton as hard contact of items within themselves spoil the surface finish of the products. Pack or wrap every piece of jewellery separately.

  8. Avoid contact of jewellery with mercury as jewellery may turn white on contact.