Phorum Story...  


Phorum Jewels Limited traces back its origin to the year 2001. It was in this year when Phorum Jewels Ltd was incorporated as a Proprietorship in the name of "Phorum Jewels".
  • The company is promoted by Mr. Bharat V. Mewawala and Mrs. Nafisa A. Nimakwala who were earlier working as colleagues in a small gems and jewellery outlet before venturing into entrepreneurship space and setting up their own business.

  • Mrs. Nafisa A. Nimakwala in the year 2001 decided to move out of the job and pursued Designer Jewellery business from her residence in Colaba, Mumbai. Having the flair for designing exquisite jewellery and strong customer relationships she was assured of good customer patronage in times to come.

  • In the same year, Mr. Bharat V. Mewawala also quit the job and partnered with Mrs. Nimakwala in the entrepreneurship venture.

  • Since it was a start-up venture maintaining stock of finished jewellery with limited capital was always going to be a challenge. Smart sense prevailed and jewellery owned by both promoters in their personal capacity was showcased to gauge the customer response and maintain relationships with clients.

  • As part of the brand building exercise for the new venture the duo moved forward by conducting exhibitions in various cities like Pune, Goa etc. Exhibitions were done at customer homes and select clients were called by invitation only to view the goods on display. This proved to be a very good effort in terms of cementing old relationships with customers.

  • At the end of year 2001 the proprietorship concern was converted into a private limited company by name "Phorum Jewels Private Limited".

    Phorum Jewels Private Limited The are actively involved in day to day operations and bring to the Company their vision and leadership which has been instrumental in sustaining the business operations.
    1) Nafisa A. Nimakwala Promoter Director
    Mrs. Nimakwala aged 50 years, is a graduate in BA (Pscychology). She is a director on the board of Phorum Jewels Ltd. She has more than 20 years of experience in the jewellery industry. Prior to joining the Company, she worked for a small gems & jewellery business along with Mr. Bharat V. Mewawala who is co-promoter of Phorum Jewels Limited. She leads the designing and sales team at Phorum.
    2) Bharat V. Mewawala Promoter Director
    Mr. Bharat V. Mewawala aged 40 years holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Mumbai. In the year 1992, Mr. Mewawala had also undertaken a certificate course in the gems & jewellery domain from Gemological Institute of India (GII). He has more than 15 years of experience in the jewellery industry. Prior to joining the Company, he worked at a small gems & jewellery business along with Mrs. Nafisa A. Nimakwala. He looks after the manufacturing, sales and day to day store operations at Phorum.
    3) Ummehani Nagarwala Director 
    Mrs. Ummehani Nagarwala aged 61 years is a graduate in psychology. She is a member of Council of International fellowship (CIF). Mrs. Nagarwala is highly networked and leverages her experience and network by organizing exhibitions and trade shows for Phorum in the Middle East and other countries.

    4) Falguni B. Mewawala Director
    Mrs. Falguni B. Mewala aged 39 years holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce. She has more than a decade of experience in the Jewellery industry. She looks after the loyalty programme at Phorum Jewels called “Phorum Club” along with handling the marketing and advertising department at Phorum.

  • In the same year 2003 a new office was bought in the same premises segregating accounts and administration in one office and sales in another office.

  • In the year 2005 the company bought a new office from where it presently operates from.

  • In the year 2010 the company acquired a ground floor showroom in the same premises. This was a landmark in the company's history as the company was now geared to meet the outside world and start leveraging its brand and win new customers.